Solutions to every day laundry problems

Laundry can be one of the biggest house hold chores that our time is taken up with. We wear it, sleep in it, spend our money on some amazing items, so keeping our washing feeling and looking fantastic can be important. With this in mind we’ve put together a few solutions for dealing with a few common laundry day issues.

The greying of white cottons

Not enough soap has been used to keep dirt in the wash-water and the dirt is re-deposited as a thin layer, making clothes look greyish. Rewash the items again on the highest temperature permitted by the fabric and with the maximum recommended dose of detergent. This should combat this issue – oh and don’t overload the machine.

If this doesn’t work you can always add vanish/recommended cloths whitener to your washes and this will help improve the crispness of the whites.

Colour fading

This is usually caused by washing at a temperature above that of the recommended care label. Use special colour-protecting detergents which don’t contain bleach, making them less harsh on the dyes in clothes.

Rough towels

This is usually caused by either too much or too little washing powder and inadequate rinsing, which allows mineral build-up on the towels. Soak your towels in a solution of 2tbsp Calgon to 4L water (or 500ml white vinegar to 4L water will also work a treat and may be something more to hand that Calgon). Once you have this done, then wash again in as hot a cycle as possible without any detergent. You can also add 200ml of white vinegar to the detergent dispenser drawer instead et voila your towels will be much nicer to greet you when you step out of the shower!