Lift Port


The Laundry Jet Lift Port is our entry level manual port design. It is aimed as an extremely economic port while still retaining the functionality and style of the Laundry Jet brand and matches perfectly with modern design. It provides the simplest, easy to use, manual open functionality. Constructed of durable hi gloss lux materials the Lift Port is simply mounted. It is opened by just lifting and holding the port door open and this activates the timed cycle. Once opened, the dirty laundry, bed sheets and even damp towels are simply fed one handed into the port and drawn away to the laundry room. Once the user has fed the last item and the cycle has finished, they can gently lower the door closed ready for the next use.


  • Manual lift and hold opening
  • White plastic high gloss finish
  • Smallest Port footprint
  • Soft close action
  • 1 handed laundry feeding
  • Auto Timer shut off
  • Compatible with the Laundry Jet Return Unit
  • Compatible with Express, Swift and Plus
  • DIY or Contractor install if certified


  • Cable: Cat 5 and later
  • 12 volt
  • RJ 45 connectors
  • Uses 6” PVC SDR sched 35 pipe
  • Speed approx. 35-40 mph
  • Max distance from laundry room 200ft
  • Weight 2.5 lbs
  • 3-year warranty