What is the Laundry Jet?

The Laundry Jet is the first vacuum powered laundry chute that transports laundry from any room with ports installed, to the laundry room. Unlike a traditional laundry chute, the Laundry Jet can be used regardless of if a home is multi-level or single story because it is not reliant solely on gravity. It can be installed seamlessly into any custom laundry room design and existing laundry rooms. This is a must-have laundry item for any family or individual looking for a convenient and safe way to transport clothes to the laundry room from any room in the house.

Benefits of Laundry Jet


Works in Multiple level homes


Works in single level homes


Transports clothes up to 200ft


Adaptable for industrial use

How does it work?

To use the Laundry Jet system, simply open the nearest port to activate the system. Using the open port, feed dirty laundry, bed sheets, and even damp towels into the open port to be transported into the laundry room. The system is activated when the port is opened and deactivated when the port is closed, thus conserving power and energy. The noise produced by the system at the ports is barely louder than a whisper so as not to disrupt the everyday activities in the living areas of the home. Ports can be installed at varying heights to make it more user friendly for the needs of the home (ex: lower for those that may need easier accessibility or higher to prevent children from sticking laundry inside).


The Laundry Jet Plus integrates seamlessly into any custom laundry room design and is our top of the range model in terms of custom style, capacity and number of ports. The Plus installs inside your own custom cabinetry to maintain the overall aesthetic in your laundry room while adding the maximum benefit the Laundry Jet technology.


Laundry Jet Swift is our entry level wall mounted model with up to 4 available ports. It’s unique style, easy view Perspex rectangular viewport and stunning gloss Acrylic finish add a unique and futuristic feel to any laundry room.


The Laundry Jet Express is our lowest cost entry level wall mounted model with up to 2 available ports. The Express can be used with the Lift Port or Slide manual Ports and has an automated cycle which allows the user to insert clothes, towels, or bedding leaving.


The Laundry Jet iSense Port is our latest automatic port design. It is a fully automatic port using sensing technology for easy hands free use. It provides the simplest, easy to use, auto open, auto close functionality.


The Laundry Jet Slide Port is our latest manual port design. It is aimed as a economic entry level port while still retaining the functionality and style of the Laundry Jet brand and matches perfectly with modern design. It provides the simplest, easy to use, manual open functionality


All systems are compatible with the Return Unit. The Return Unit can be installed in a bedroom, closet, or other room where the user desires clean laundry to be returned to. After the laundry is cleaned, open the port in the laundry room, feed clean laundry into the open port, and clean laundry will be transported to the Return Unit.


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