Laundry Jet new Wave Port at IBS 2019

With over 100,000 attendees, last week’s International Builders Show in Las Vegas was our third and best IBS ever!

Our 21st Century laundry transport system now has hands-free, motion activated ports and an optional LRU (Laundry Return Unit). The Return Unit allows you to send clean and dry laundry back to your chosen room, even if it’s on the top floor, or 200 feet away at the far end of your home. Now that you don’t need to carry or even have laundry baskets anymore, you can put your laundry room almost anywhere in your home!

We put together a little video showcasing our latest Wave Port and some recent installs. Which you can watch here.

Our next big trade show this year will be The Big 5 in Dubai, 25th-28th November so we won’t be home for Thanksgiving this year, but at least it will be warm! Keep an eye out for Laundry Jet at your local home shows and events with our growing reseller network. You can also apply to become a reseller or get a free quote for your home or project with the links below.
Happy 21st century living!

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