A new year sees new trends, and as far as home improvements go for 2017 there will be a big emphasis on laundry room designs.

New 2017 Laundry room designs

A well-planned laundry room can soon become one of our most favourite rooms in the house, boasting the honour of existing solely to make our lives easier. Few of us are fans of household chores such as laundry, cleaning and ironing, but with a high-spec, well put together laundry room design they could become effortless. For this reason, it makes sense to consider an utility room which can be as functional as possible, the very model of “everything in its place”, with carefully thought out laundry room storage. That, however, doesn’t have to mean it can’t look beautiful and sleek – even practical pieces of laundry equipment like a washing machine, tumble dryer, laundry basket and recycling bin can all be dressed up by their surroundings and made to look great as part of your utility design.

Most utility or laundry rooms tend be small and require laundry equipment to be compact and space saving. Not only is space saving equipment needed but built in storage is a great idea and can make the best use of all available space. Designing a laundry room that is therefore sleek and fits in with the look and feel of your home is important. Here at Laundry Jet it is something we are all focused on and on-trend with what customers want for 2017.