Overland Park, Kansas

I installed the laundry jet in my hair salon, we do anywhere from 10-15 loads of laundry daily. We have hair stylists who go through towels quickly, and estheticians that wash sheets, blankets, towels, body wraps, etc, and nail technicians who use towels for their pedicures and manicures. The laundry jet streamlines and consolidates our laundry helping to save time and hassle.

Hollywood, Florida

Laundry Jet is such a great idea. I feel much safer not having to carry my laundry baskets on the stairs. I also love the free space of having no baskets in the bedrooms.

Bristol, Rhode Island

The Laundry Jet originally caught my eye for its cool factor! I thought of it as a luxury item, but have come to love and depend on it! I installed it in our 100 year old home that was being renovated. The laundry room is down two flights of stairs in the basement. We have the first generation version and have had one issue with the wave port, but the tech support guy was amazing at helping me troubleshoot and get it repaired.

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